PRESERVOR™ - Using technology to preserve the quality and bunk life of baled hay.
Why choose PRESERVOR™?
• Better long-term microbial protection to preserve the quality of animal feed hay
• Performance is superior to traditional propionic acid based products
• Effective at higher moisture - up to 30 percent and wide ranges of pH
• Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable
• Ingredients are FDA approved, GRAS and EPA exempt
• Non-corrosive to farm equipment


Preservor™ was an excellent choice for Jorgensen Land and Cattle for 3 reasons:
• Increased Feed Quality
• Time Savings
• Limited Wear on Equipment

Applying Preservor™ to our Alfalfa hay enabled us to put up the highest quality dry hay we have ever seen at Jorgensen Land and Cattle. Where our typical window to put up Alfalfa hay is between 15-18% moisture, we were able to put it up at moistures over 25%. Putting the hay up at 25% helped us retain nearly all the plant matter at baling time, resulting in nearly no leaf loss. The resulting Alfalfa hay tested 24% protein, and 189 RFV. Not only was the quality higher, but our time window to put up hay in general increased immensely. The high-quality Alfalfa window grew from a few hours at unpredictable times, to nearly half a day in some instances. Our window to put up grass hay widened as well. Starting earlier and finishing later in the day, when moistures increase past 18%, added 3-4 hours of baling time per day on all crops. Finally, this product caused no wear on our equipment. Where other acid-based preservatives cause wear and rusting, our equipment shows no visible signs of additional wear or rusting from Preservor.” ~Nick Jorgensen – Jorgensen Land and Cattle